Are you a nonprofit organization? 
We are a nonprofit organization (private foundation) with a 501c3 status, established in 2011.

Do you have a Board of Directors? 
GodSpeaks is governed by an independent and diversified national board of Christian leaders. The Board actively works with a Budget and Finance Committee, a Fundraising Committee and an Allocation Committee.

Who decides what messages get published? 
The GodSpeaks Advisory Council serves as a board of reference to advise on messages written for public release. The Council is led by Christian men and women from various walks of life who have a burden to share the Good News with people around the world.

Are your messages really from God?
We have been given the Bible, which is God’s love letter to us. GodSpeaks has drawn from the principles and truths found in Scripture and developed messages that communicate those truths in a way that is easily understood. Each message is based on a specific Bible verse or passage that is further developed on our website.

What Bible translation do you use?
We use a variety of Bible translations on the GodSpeaks website. Many who visit the GodSpeaks website will be unfamiliar with the Bible, so we strive to use a translation easily understood by everyone. We make a note of the version we’ve used next to the verses.

Are you a member of a financial accountability group? 
GodSpeaks is applying for accreditation in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). The ECFA focuses on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charity resources. GodSpeaks is audited annually, and as a donor or potential donor, you have access to our financial reports and 990s. Email our team for the latest audit report.

What is the purpose of GodSpeaks?
We believe people need to be awakened to the truth of God’s saving grace and exposed to the messages that “God loves you,” “God values you,” and “God wants a relationship with you forever.” We seek to interrupt the hopelessness people experience in their lives and direct them to God as the answer. We challenge the disbeliever, stir the disinterested and help bring home those who have walked away—so they can find peace with God through the power of His Word.

Are the billboards effective tools to share the Good News? 
The billboard messages create a disruptive experience in people’s lives. That experience gets them thinking about God and their relationship with Him and helps create fertile ground for the sharing of the Good News.

What do you believe?
We believe in the infallibility of the Scripture and its power to transform lives from the inside out.

Are you connected to a church?
We are not connected to a church or denomination. We are an ecumenical organization, which means we strive together for the good of God’s work in this world.

What ministries do you partner with?  
We are presently partnering with Need Him and Groundwire. Visitors to our site will be introduced to God through our billboard messages and short devotionals, but if they want to know more about God or are seeking immediate help from someone they can trust, we provide a direct connection to both of these ministries.

How do I know if the board I saw is a GodSpeaks billboard or message?  
Though the billboards do not appear with a logo, a small “GS” printed on each board will be proof of their authenticity.

Are other people creating billboards and messages that look like yours?
GodSpeaks introduced the billboard messages and set the standard, and we realize people will choose to imitate the concept. Look for the small “GS” printed on each board as proof of their authenticity.

How can I get involved? 
 Partner with us in prayer and donate to our national organization. Your contribution will lift up God’s name, reach people with His love and help turn hearts toward the truth.

When I give to GodSpeaks, how does the money get spent? 
We work very hard to keep our administrative costs as low as possible and use the vast majority of our donations to get the GodSpeaks message out into the public. We try to maintain a budget of 10 percent for administration and fundraising and 90 percent for programming.

How is GodSpeaks supported financially?  
GodSpeaks is supported by people like you who joyfully give each month. We actively pursue foundations and businesses too. However, the majority of our support is projected to come from friends who choose to give generously to share the Good News with others.