How Can I Have A Relationship With God?

How Can I Have A Relationship With God?

Invitation To Receive Jesus as Lord

“I stand at the door and knock.” Do you know who said that? It was Jesus. What door, you might be wondering. Well, that happens to be the door to your heart. Then Jesus said, “If you hear me calling and open the door, I will come in.” Jesus is such a gentleman, such a compassionate Creator, that He will not force His way into your life. You have to want Him in your life, and if you don’t want Him in your life, you’ll keep the door to your heart closed. But before you make that decision, you should really ask yourself why you would close the door of your heart to Jesus Christ?

One reason might be that you’re doing something that you don’t want Jesus to see. Did you know that He sees it anyway? In fact, the Bible tells us that not only does He see, but someday we will each have to explain to Him why we did every single thing that we did. A second reason might be that you’re just not interested in spiritual things. You’re curious, but you’re not serious. That’s hard to believe, actually. You’re on this Web site, after all, because you’re interested in spiritual things. Most likely, there’s something lacking in your life, and you’re hoping to find that missing piece. A third reason why you’re not ready to open your heart may be because you’re not sure what Jesus will do if you let Him in. The Bible has an answer for that, too. It tells us that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever think, ask, or imagine. The fact is, you have a dream in your heart that He placed there, and He wants that dream to become a reality.

But there’s a problem. See, in the Bible, Romans 3:10 to be exact, it says that none of us is without sin. All of us fall short. No one hits the bull’s-eye when it comes to leading a life that is perfect. And sin separates us from God. But once you open the door to your heart, and Jesus comes inside, His first order of business is to save your soul. He wants to wash away your sins, clearing the path to spend eternity in heaven with God. Please note, the hand He’s knocking on the door to your heart with is covered in blood because Jesus Christ bled and died for your sins. If you’ll allow that blood to cover your sins, you will be saved. The Bible says there is only one name by which we can be saved, and that name is Jesus. Salvation is from Jesus for you. It’s the gift of God. And it brings eternal life.

You Can Have A Relationship With God

Are you ready to receive this free gift? If you are, here’s what’s you need to do: Confess with your mouth that Jesus is who He claimed to be and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, and the Bible promises that you’ll be saved. How do you do that exactly? In prayer. If you’re ready and willing, with your heart opened wide, you can repeat this prayer or one like it: Lord God, I open my heart, and I invite You inside, to be my God, to be my Savior, and to be my Friend. Please wash away my sins. I want to be saved, and I want to be certain that I have a place in Your Kingdom that will soon come. I trust You, God, today for my salvation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you said that prayer, we invite you to click here for a little encouragement and to learn how to build a solid foundation for your relationship with God.

Now, if you didn’t pray that prayer, you still don’t know who God is, but you most certainly need to know who He is because if you know who God is, you’ll trust Him enough to let Him inside. The Word of God is a truly reliable record.

What if you didn’t ask Jesus Christ into your life because you’re afraid He’s going to make you odd for God or make you strange or weird like the guy down the block who says he’s a Christian? Please do not fear that, and here’s why. The Bible says that the fruit of the Spirit is love and joy and peace and goodness and kindness and gentleness and faithfulness and self control. So, if you’re truly connected to the real God, you will live a real life, and that reality is wise, and it’s sharp, and it’s smart. You can trust that.

Maybe you didn’t invite Jesus into your heart because you weren’t really sure what He can do for you. To talk to someone about God click on the button below.

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New Believer Encouragement

Welcome To The Family Of God!

You are now a new creation in Christ, and according to God’s Word in 2 Corinthians 5:17, the past is past. It’s a new beginning, and with that new beginning, you’ve got a new family. You may be thinking, “Wait a second! I already have a family. I have a mom and a dad and brothers and sisters.” Your new family is not the family of flesh; it’s the family of faith. It’s one heavenly Father and a whole host of brothers and sisters that are here for you, waiting to love and support and accept and involve you in this thing called the Church, a great big body of believers. That’s the good news.

But there’s also bad news. Jesus provides a word of warning in Matthew Chapter 13 in the parable of the sower. He tells us that when a spiritual seed is sown (which is what just happened in your heart), you’ve got to be very careful the way you cultivate the new soil of your heart that contains this seed. According to the Bible, there are four different types of soil. Type number one is soil that’s like the dirt on the side of the road next to the expressway. If God’s seed was sown there, the Bible says that the enemy (the devil) will come and snatch that seed away. In this case, your experience in Christ would be just a passing fad.

Type number two is soil that is stony. When a spiritual seed is sown in a stony place, it will be uprooted at the first signs of tribulation or persecution. To be firmly planted, you will need to root yourself deeply into the Word of God and make yourself part of a Bible-teaching local church.

A third place that seed can be sown is in thorny soil. The Bible says that in this type of soil, there is no support system in place when times get tough, so the new spiritual seed will easily be choked out by the deceit of riches and the worries of this life.

Then there’s the fourth type of soil. God says if you plant spiritual seed in this kind of soil, you will bear much fruit. Cultivating your new spiritual seed in good soil means that you’ve found a local church, you’re digging into the Word of God, and you’re really beginning to grow. The Bible promises that you will produce a crop thirty, sixty, and even a hundredfold as God gives you gifts to glorify Him. It also means that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, and if you take that really seriously, you will discover what God has planned for you in your life. He has a purpose expressly for you, and you’ll discover that purpose when you build your new faith on Jesus Christ’s foundations.

Those foundations are four-fold: one is Bible study; two is prayer; three is fellowship; and four is sharing Christ with others. In Bible study, you will begin to uncover what God has to say about life’s issues. God has principles and promises, and His Word will assist you in making wise choices.

Through prayer, you’ll have the chance to talk to God and tell Him what’s on your heart. Once you know God and once His Son’s sacrifice has cleansed away your sins, your prayers will not be like they’ve ever been before.

Then there’s fellowship. You will want to hang out with people that feel the same way you do about God and who will build you up and encourage you as you walk your own unique walk with God. That’s what happens in a good church. Click here for some tips on finding a good, Bible teaching church in your area.

Believer Encouragement

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Finding A Church…

Getting To Know Others

Did you know that church is not an option for you if, in fact, you are a real believer? And here’s why. It’s Hebrew’s Chapter 10, starting in verse 23: “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” The Day approaching is the day that you meet your Maker face to face, and until that day the Bible says you are supposed to be engaged in “one-another” relationships and the assembling together with other believers.

Right about now you may be thinking, “Do I really have to go to church?” If this is your hesitation, we understand why. For some of you, the reason is hypocritical Christians—people who claimed they were believers but who didn’t behave like believers. They’ve raised some real questions in your heart or maybe even caused a bad experience in your life. Perhaps, you showed up at a church and what you saw was not what’s described in the Bible. Or quite possibly, you’ve been to a church that’s from your family’s religious background, and it was so boring, it turned you off.

What you need to look for is something very different—a place where there are fewer hypocrites, where the experience is positive, and where the body of believers is alive and serving God as Christians should. You also need to look for a place where love abounds. Jesus said that you would be able to tell who His disciples are by their love one for another. In a real church, love will be more important than tradition. In a real church, you’ll find that the teaching of God’s Word is more valued than your own personal experience. Everyone has experiences in God, but if you find yourself part of extrabiblical experiences—things that you can’t find in the Bible—that’s not the church you want to be a part of. You should also look for a church where relationship is esteemed more than membership. Membership is important to some churches, but it’s your relationship with God that keeps you in right standing with Him and others, so look for a place where that is encouraged.

Now, when it comes to the actual format—whether, for example, the worship team or the choir plays three fast songs and then two slow songs or whether the sermon is a half hour long or forty-five min- utes long—these variables are not as critical as having a church home where you can express yourself and grow as a Christian. You need a church that provides opportunities for you to utilize the gifts that God gave you and where you can be educated and equipped in the Word of God.

Recommendations for Finding A Church

To find the right church for you, pray and ask God where you should attend. He will match you to a ministry where you can discover His will for your life—meeting needs in someone else’s life. The truth is, you go to church not just for yourself but for your service to others. That’s why it’s called a church service. Church service is a service from God to you, but it is also an opportunity for you to serve others. That’s what needs to happen.

Finally, your church should be a place you look forward to going to and where you truly do enjoy your involvement. When you do become a part of a church, you will discover this exciting thing called the body of believers. It’s your family of faith, a whole host of new brothers and sisters that are waiting to accept you and support you as you involve your life in this thing we call church.

If you have more questions, just let us know.

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