What are you asking for?

What are you asking for?

A young girl prays to God, asking for Him for what her heart desires.

And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.
Luke 11:9 (NLV)

Little children don’t mind asking for things. If they have a need, they usually share it with someone who can help. God wants us to come to Him as a little child, asking in faith for the things we need from the One who desires to answer. Yes, God knows your need before you ask. But the asking drives us to the source of all good gifts. And God is a kind Father. He has no interest in withholding His best from you. What have you asked God for lately? Do you know He offers you His peace? His wisdom? His forgiveness? Have you asked God for His greatest gift, the gift of salvation? What is holding you back from asking? Come with a childlike faith, and go with the knowledge that God has an answer.

Sometimes, this answer may not be the one we’re looking for. We have to understand that, just because we’re asking, doesn’t mean the reply will be a yes. Sometimes the answer is a maybe, or a wait, or it could be a no. But when God says no, that means He is waiting to say yes to something else, because He wants what is best for us.

What you are asking for may seem like the best option at the moment, but God sees the future and wants to make things right for the long term. He knows the things you ask for are important to you, but what’s most important is how these things will affect you tomorrow. And God knows exactly how they will.

He tries to have us avoid struggle and heartbreak. And sometimes that means closing doors that we’ve been trying to push open. But we must know that whatever door God closes, there is another door with something better behind it—one that we won’t have to pry open or push to get through, one that He has designed for us, and one that He will unlock when the time is right.

Whatever you’re asking for, God is listening and wants to hear your request. He is here to guide your steps and answer your questions. Know what you’re asking for, and know that whatever the answer may be, even though you may think it’s wrong, God’s answer is always right.


As a child, it’s easy to ask for what we want. We make birthday wish lists and write letters to Santa with our requests. Take a trip back to your childhood and make yourself a list. Get a piece of scrap paper or an envelope and start jotting down the things you want in your life. As simple as a new pair of shoes or as complicated as a cure for cancer. Read about God’s promise of giving us what we ask for in Matthew 11:20-24. Make a record of all the things you want to ask God for, and ask Him!

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