Certainty Despite Change

I Don’t Change - God

Certainty Despite Change

Long ago you laid the foundation of the earth and made the heavens with your hands. They will perish, but you remain forever; they will wear out like old clothing. You will change them like a garment and discard them. But you are always the same; you will live forever. – Psalm 102:25-27 (NLT)

In life, change is as certain as the sun rising in the east. Stock markets rise and fall. So do interest rates. Clothes go out of style and then suddenly become fashionable again. Cars rust out, houses decay, and smart phones gave way to the latest updates. Despite this reality, many of you try to resist change. You go to work the same way every day, sit in the same seat year after year, eat the same food, listen to the same music, watch the same shows, and hope in vain that tomorrow will be like today.

Could you need someone like Me to give you some lasting certainty in your life?

The only guarantee in life is that life will change. Actually, without change life would grow stale and rather boring. Any doctor can tell you that only time the human body shows absolute stability is when a person stops breathing. That’s why children are so alive and optimistic: everything is new and they keep on learning. They inject laughter, frivolity, and freshness into life. Maybe you ought to adopt a childlike outlook again.

What can you do when the pace overwhelms you?

However, while change brings freshness, it can also bring fear. Prices go up while your paycheck stays the same. Corporate downsizing threatens your job. Your latest health check-up brought some disturbing news; now you wonder if you’ll be around to see your children grow up. In the midst of changes that feel like you’re standing in a tornado, you need an unchanging presence in your life. Stability, hope and encouragement no matter what happens. You need Me.

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

1 – Read Isaiah 40:3-8.

2 – In this passage, what do you think of its comparison of life to grass? What kind of unchanging hope would you like to have for the future?

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