Don’t Let Doubt Bring You Down

Don’t Let Doubt Bring You Down

Don’t Let Doubt Bring You Down

Jesus said to his disciples, “Don’t be worried! Have faith in God and have faith in me.” – John 14:1 CEV

It’s an historical fact that My Son, Jesus lived on this earth. It isn’t just the Bible that records this, historians like the Jewish scholar, Titus Flavius Josephus made accounts of his life.

You may be asking, “So what? What difference does it make that some guy who lived 2,000 years ago claimed to be the Son of God?”

At a time when priests enjoyed a life of luxury while the average person struggled to make ends meet, Jesus never owned a house. Never took advantage of those following him. Instead, Jesus turned the world upside down.

Radical love, my love, love does this. It turns the world on edge, makes doubter believers, mockers friends, and unites people of every background.

Like people long ago, chances are you spend a lot of time worrying about your bills, your kids, your job, and the state of the world. When you deal with such situations, you need more than a college degree or a mountain of internet research.

Doubts will always be a part of life. But when you pray and ask for my help, you may be surprised at the peace of mind that prayer will bring. Jesus spent time with me, his father, as an example to you. He knew that there was no better place to look for wisdom and to ask for strength. So, when you are facing life’s uncertainties come to me. When you have doubts, ask me for help. When you are worried, pray for my peace. These are prayers I am delighted to answer.

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

1 – Name three situations that are bothering you right now. What doubts do you face as you try to make a decision? Write them out. Share them with a friend. Then talk to God about them.

2 – Read about Jesus praying when he faced a difficult circumstance, knowing that he would soon be betrayed and die on the cross, Matthew 26:36-44.

3 – Do you want to know more about a God who can relieve your doubts? We have friends ready on live chat lines to tell you about a loving God who can help you reach the right decisions. Connect with people who want to talk with you right now at or call 888-NEED-HIM

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