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Chicago Message from God

Fader Article

In a recent Fader issue on faith, GodSpeaks is mentioned in the article “Signs From God,” along with several other evangelical groups whose use of billboard messages expanded in 2016.

Subtitled “Billboard evangelists are decorating America in their image — and 2016 was their biggest year yet. That’s probably not a good sign.” The article talks about GodSpeaks original campaign in 1998 and the relaunch of GodSpeaks in 2013.

“In 2013, GodSpeaks decided to relaunch its campaign with new copy developed with a less critical, more loving God in mind. ‘We felt a real sense of hostility towards Christianity, both hostility and apathy towards God and Jesus,’ said Bradley Burck, chairman of the GodSpeaks board. ‘We’re trying to communicate that there is a God, he loves you, and he wants to have a relationship with you.’”

Mentioning the rising violence and increasing faithlessness of our society the article points out why evangelical billboard may be enjoying a resurgence. In fact, in 2017 GodSpeaks launched a new billboard campaign in the City of Chicago. (Read about that campaign here.)

New GodSpeaks messages can be found each week on our website, where you can sign-up to also receive them through email, and via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“I want to invite everyone reading this article to consider joining the work of GodSpeaks by sharing the messages on social media.  The world in which we are living is so chaotic.  These messages, based on the Bible, are calming and reassuring that God is in our midst and available to minister to our hearts,” said Bradley Burck.

Read the Fader article. 

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