Follow Jesus to Greatness

Follow Jesus to Greatness

More than 15 years have passed since her death, yet Mother Teresa’s legacy continues to grow. In addition to inspiring countless acts of charity, she earned the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet this Catholic nun spent most of her 87 years in Calcutta’s slums, treating the sick, the dying, and lepers, and caring for orphans and homeless youth.

In no time word of her work spread, attracting recruits and charitable donations. As interest spread, so did hospices, orphanages and leper houses across India. By 2012, the Missionaries of Charity she founded in 1963 numbered more than 4,500 Catholic sisters and was active in more than 130 countries.

No matter what your faith background—or if you check the “none” box for religious preference—you may have known someone like Mother Teresa. Probably in much quieter ways. Like the mother who read you bedtime stories, cooked your meals, and cleaned up the mess when you got the flu. The father or grandfather who raised you, tossed the ball with you, and chased the monsters out of your bedroom. The teacher who made sure you could spell, read and do math. The coach who cared as much about you as a person as your athletic skills.

The world will tell you greatness comes from becoming rich and powerful, getting your name etched on a gold plaque, or occupying the corner office in the penthouse suite. Or, running for high political office and achieving the power to rule others’ lives, appear on national television, and have millions of Twitter followers. Or, being so famous you everyone can identify you by your first name.

There is a vast difference between what the world teaches and what Jesus did. Following the world leads you towards a self-centered, me-first lifestyle. In the end, this will leave you feeling empty and alone. Following Jesus’ philosophy will lead to freedom and fulfillment. The choice is yours. Choose to be truly great. Go and serve others. Find those around you who are hurting, sad, or hungry. Listen to them, help them, and befriend them. You will find fulfillment.

A Challenge For You…

Who has symbolized servanthood in your life? What qualities did this person display that so impressed you? How did he or she inspire you to do the same? Why not call or e-mail that individual (or their child if they have died) and tell them?

Let’s Talk About It

Do you want to know more about how serving others can be so rewarding? We have friends ready on live chat lines to explain why this is God’s method to greatness. Connect with people who want to talk with you right now.

Let’s Chat About God Let’s Chat About Service

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