Give Your Problems to God

Give Your Problems to God

Give Your Problems to God

Tragedies, Disease, Divorce…

Tragedies strike. Diseases take our loved ones. Marriages struggle. Careers fail. Accidents happen. Loss comes. These unforeseen catastrophes turn our world upside down. The hurt builds up inside of us, the pain stings. We wake up and we try to press forward, but our mind is stuck on rewind. We keep going back, pausing on the moments we long to have again. We try to manage the settings of our emotions and grief.

Questions haunt our thoughts and sorrow manipulates our minds. The grief comes suddenly, but doesn’t go away. We try to find hope, to let go and move on, but waves of disbelief and heartbreak keep crashing down on us. Sadness drowns us and the painful tides have brought us out too far. But just when we lose sight of the shore, God throws us a lifeline. He preserves us, reeling us back in with ripples of grace and currents of love.

Problems can bring us to the darkest parts of ourselves, the weakest places in our lives, but if you give your problems to God, He will deliver you. He will rescue you in your greatest need.

A Challenge For You…

What problems are you facing? Have you prayed about them as much as you’ve complained about them? Have you relied on God to help you through them? It is easy to focus on the bad things that are happening in our lives, but have you outweighed them with the good? Read Isaiah 41:10 and Philippians 4:6-8. Find strength in knowing that God can resolve anything, and He is here to help you through whatever problem you are facing.

Let’s Talk About It

If you want to talk about giving your problems to God, we have some friends that are always available to chat about this with you.

Talk About Giving Your Problems to God  Get To Know God

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  • Maria Krause
    Posted at 09:00h, 25 February Reply

    Please help me pray that I can cast my cares to Him who is above all. I am a teacher I work with very specail needs students. I have an adult helper who is not very helpful and claims to be a christian. She fights me every step of the way, she is a very unhappy person. Has a very poor attitude with me. Help me to see past her behavior toward me and her resitance to follow direction. Yes I have spoken to Admin. but she is in thier inner circle, I am not. The students in my classroom come first. I belive in doing my job well and fight for what is right for my students. I love my job and this lady is making it so difficult to come to work. How do I pray for this?

  • sonia
    Posted at 08:32h, 28 February Reply

    I am currently undergoing problems at work and I have taken to fasting and praying for the past 5 days –
    but I am not sure if my prayers are blocked – as I cannot gain any response it seems reading this gos speaks message again today has helped me but at the same time – I’m still not able to focus on giving my troubles and problems to god.

  • Josh
    Posted at 05:15h, 04 March Reply

    Too often I lose sight of this truth. I allow the many little problems in my life to stress me out. I need to remember that GOD is in control and will not let me fall if I trust in Him. I must not despair or give up. There is hope in the Creator…..

  • Michele
    Posted at 19:05h, 14 February Reply

    I am also undergoing problems at work and I am a teacher. I feel like I have been under an attack for about 3 years where I work. It seems daily even after many years of teaching I am so distressed about the career I chose. I have gotten complaints from parents over small things, but they make them out like it is terrible. It has made me feel like a horrible person on days but I know a lot of why they actually complain is because their children are seeing something different that what is going on at home. I know God has me as a teacher but I get complaints over things that are many times things that, as parents need to toughen up over. I am a teacher that tries to instill perseverance, self responsibility, & good work ethics in my students. This sometimes means telling them that the world is not rotating around them only, that they have to be tough enough to be independent and work hard to be successful in life. Today’s generation is much about “self” which is very contrary to God’s word. I can’t really preach to them because it is public school but I truly have a desire to instill in them what God would want me to. I have had some interesting parent meetings because I am working in the WORLD. It is very difficult lately. I know God is teaching me patience and I know all parents will not appreciate my heart for their child, or even care I am a Christian and want what is truly best for their child. It is just really tough being a teacher today. Over the 20 plus years this last 5 years has been totally different. Views are changing, as with the WORLD. Things are not looked at as they once were. Teachers are less respected, expected to be super teachers and perfect. It is very hard being a teacher today and I could sure use prayer from anyone who would be kind enough to pray for me.

  • Zoey mockli
    Posted at 03:41h, 31 July Reply

    Struggled most of my life.
    Favoritism with siblings
    One gay and always and
    Hates me because im a girl.
    Leaving a 20+marriage that w as
    Emotionally and physical abusive.
    With him screwing around.
    Worked my ass off lost my business
    Home .
    My dad died 3yrs ago. He was my rock.
    Need a bankruptcy and a divorce
    Car is going to blow up.
    Need a job
    Moved back to moms live with my brothers
    And his physco girlfriend. I wasnt meant to be here.
    I have two amazing kids . Daughter been separated from me for two years. No room not a good environment .
    In love with someone and have to sit here and watch them manipulate him.
    So god…..since your up all night anyway.
    Please tell me how to get this nightmare poor excuse of a life started. Money dont make the world go round but this girl needs a miracle in the fund department. I have been patient turnrd the other cheek looked for the good in pure evil.
    Where is my break?
    Im grateful for all that I have and have ever had. There has to be a better plan for my future. Maybe you made a mistake cuz I know I deserve so much more than this.
    Any advice or guidence would be appreciated.

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