Go and be loving. –God

Go and be loving. –God

Jesus spoke the words in John 13:34-35 to His disciples. These 12 men left behind jobs, families, and daily routines to learn more from the Master. Soon after this instruction, He died on the cross—and then rose from the grave. With the exception of Judas (who betrayed Him), this so inspired these men most would later die violent deaths for insisting Jesus was the Son of God and the way to heaven.

In the two thousand years that have passed since His resurrection, many people have fallen short of Jesus’ instruction. Sadly, some have been church members. Instead of demonstrating love for others, they have engaged in backbiting, name calling, gossip, and judgment. Watching those who profess to love Jesus display such behavior can make you feel disheartened and disillusioned.

However, this only proves everyone is subject to human shortcomings. Anyone can get “stuck” on self, weighed down by life’s challenges, and fail to demonstrate love for others. Don’t let human frailties keep you away from God. He wants people who follow Him to act loving, compassionate, caring, and generous so that others will be drawn to Him.

Remember, for every person who has disappointed you, there are likely others who have inspired you. Think of those who gave of their time, talents, and money to help others. People who were kind, giving, and more interested in reaching out to others than winning a debate over political or social issues. People who cared about serving as living examples of the love Jesus showed for others.

The interesting thing about Jesus is He reserved His strongest criticism for the religious leaders who were more interested in status and money than they were their followers. Human nature being the same as in Jesus’ era, the same thing goes on today. Yet despite that reality, Jesus is still calling His children to live differently. Go and be loving. That will solve all kinds of problems.

A Challenge For You…

Read John 15:18-24. Then answer these questions:

  • Is the world any different today than it was during the first century? Why?
  • Where in the world do you see persecution? Who is it most often aimed at?
  • How would following Jesus change your life? Is it worth it? Explain.

Let’s Talk About It

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    Word of God, speak to me

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