God Is Never Far From You

God Is Never Far From You

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He Is Always There… He Is Never Far Away

With all the roads we’ve traveled and paths we’ve crossed, some days we wake up feeling lost. Sometimes we look around and wonder how we’ve gotten here–what streets we should have ventured down, turns we should have taken, U-turns we should have made or shortcuts we should have avoided. We think of the people we’ve encountered throughout our journeys and pointed us in the direction that has landed us here.

The here that might feel like the middle of nowhere, a place we’ve never seen, a road we don’t want to be on. Maybe our tank is nearing empty or our map is ripped or our compass is broken, but we have to know that we’re not lost. Because our destination is nowhere on this earth, and while we travel through life, we’re all just trying to find our way. But God is here to fill us back up, to guide us and point us in the right direction. He has been with us on every road and turn, each and every step. Comforting us in our sadness, celebrating with us in our joy, providing for us in our needs, and giving us direction in this journey of our lives.

The journey is full of ups and downs and pains and struggles, but the destination is worth it all. And while we find our way through dark roads and rocky paths, we know that we never walk alone. 

A Challenge For You…

Do you feel alone in your journey? Are there moments when you think you can only rely on yourself? Read Isaiah 41:3, know that God is never far and always ready to guide you wherever you are. Read Joshua 1:9. Know that He is always holding your hand wherever you go. In your quiet moments, when you feel most lonely, call out to God. Ask Him to show Himself and remove your doubts. He’s with you, and He wants to help you.

Talk About It

We have some friends who are ready to talk about this with you. If you feel like you’re alone or that God is far away, let’s chat right now.

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