God Is With You.

God Is With You.

Omnipresent… It means I am everywhere at once. Time does not have a hold on my being. When I say, I’m with you, I mean I am with before, during, and after the moment you call on me for help.

I choose to be with you and hear your calls because I created you and I love you more than you can possibly know or even fathom. I long for you to look to me as your God and savior. I long for you to call on me and depend on me. I long for you to walk with me and talk with me the way Adam and Eve did before sin entered the world.

Yes, I am with you.

I am near you in the morning when you wake. I am with you when you leave your home for the day, in the quiet of the car, during the long moments of your day, when you are frustrated and mad, when you are hurt and angry. I am with you in the quiet of your heart.

Follow me. Call on me. Know that I love you and I am always here for you.

3 for 3

1. Today take a moment to call on God and ask him to show you that he is near. Look for him in nature. Listen to his voice in your heart and mind. Think about God’s love for you and know he is with you.

2. Pray each day this week. Specifically ask God to show you his presence in a way that you can feel and experience.

3. Read all of Psalm 139. Think about the author and why he penned the words. Why was it important to him to write these things?

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