God Is With You.

God Is With You.

Life is hard. So hard you need more than self-reliance to make it through. This is why God built society from the ground up. He started with parents, followed by children, families and communities. No matter how rich, how famous, or how many achievements you can name, everyone needs encouragement from a network of caring relationships.

Still, there will be times when you feel like it’s you against the world. Like Joshua, a leader in Israel long ago, you may have to lead an army into battle. You may have to stand and speak in public when the idea terrifies you. You may have to finish your part of the project while your boss glares over your desk, frowning. You may have to insist on certain rules for your children to follow, knowing they will test your authority to see how far they can go.

So what do you do when you feel the weight of the world crashing down around your shoulders? When you spend time reading God’s word (the Bible) and talk to him about the struggles and fears that you face, you are more likely to find the courage you need to wade through obstacles.

Faith is an important part of this picture. Before telling him to have courage, God had assured Joshua no men could successfully oppose him. He promised to be with Joshua just as he had been with his predecessor, and to never leave him or forsake him. Still, Joshua had to develop the courage to step forward.

God is with you. That is a promise you can count on. But only if you are willing to listen to what he says, believe that it is true and carry out his instructions. God’s guidance will often be the exact opposite of what other people are saying. However, the Bible says that “God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise.” (1 Corinthians 1:27, NLT).

Sometimes you can’t see a way out of your difficulties. But don’t give up. With God by your side, you can find the strength to make it.

A Challenge For You…

Try it. Talk to God and tell him what is troubling you. Nothing is too large or too small. Ask him for help. Wait quietly to see if you sense him saying anything. Afterwards, seek feedback from a pastor or trusted spiritual leader.

Let’s Talk About It

Do you want to know more about the God who is always with you? We have friends ready on live chat lines to tell you about his presence in the world. Connect with people who want to talk with you right now.

Let’s Chat About You Let’s Talk About Jesus

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