I can fix what’s broken.

I can fix what’s broken.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Throughout our life, we spend a lot of money on repairs. Brakes squeak, engines die, sinks leak, roofs cave. Time and time again, we dig into our pockets to pay the expenses that replace defective parts and fix damages. However, all the money in the world can’t fix a broken heart or a broken spirit. All the money in the world can’t fill the hole that a loved one left, or piece back together a wrecked marriage, or breathe joy back into a depressed soul. There is no price we are able to pay to be healed or fixed. But thankfully, God has paid it for us, and He waits to fix whatever is broken in our lives. We just have to ask Him.

As humans, we are always breaking and failing, constantly looking for rescue. We take chances that end in disappointment. We let people in and are rejected. We invest in opportunities and face defeat. Life has a way of breaking us down, but God is always there to come to our rescue. There is no payment required for His aid; our dues were paid when God sent His son to take our place on the cross.

And as Jesus hung on the cross in our place, He bled for our shortcomings and took His last breath in exchange for our brokenness. God sent His son so that we would find happiness in this life unattached to sin, that we would live greatly and unapologetically and make a difference in this world for His name. As followers of the one true King, we know that we serve the One who is capable of healing and fixing, and He longs to restore us, no matter how many times we need it, no matter how many breaks and tears and mess-ups we’ve had. He waits to restore us, as soon as we ask.


God does not judge us for the sins we’ve committed or the shameful things in our past. Instead, He forgives us. Read the passage in John 4:4-26 of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. He speaks of her past and her immorality, but does not condemn her and instead offers her “living water” that she may never thirst again. He showed compassion and love to someone who thought she was undeserving of either. He wanted to “fix” her, just as He longs to fix us. Will you pray to Him and ask Him to fix whatever is broken in your life?

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