Join the GodSpeaks Movement…

Join the GodSpeaks Movement…

Watch this new video that shows where the GodSpeaks movement has been and where it is going.

There is a great need in the world to share God’s love and forgiveness with people we know. Consider joining our effort to get the word out about God’s love, forgiveness, and deep desire for a relationship with us.

Watch the GodSpeaks Movement Video

Be a part of the GodSpeaks Movement

We have the opportunity to disrupt our culture, to shake it up, to make people stop for a moment in time.  By using all of the modern media tools in the world, we can connect with everyone at any time, in any place.  Together, and through media, we have a chance to wake people up and let God speak.  God is saying, ‘I love you.  I value you.  I want a relationship with you.’  Has there ever been a better time, a more needful time to bring God back into the public conversation?

Imagine compelling messages appearing on digital billboards, twitter feeds, Facebook pages, emails, texts making their way across our country and around the globe touching the billions of souls that live on this planet.  Now imagine these messages intersecting natural disasters, social breakdowns, shootings, racial tensions, wars, and international events, and meeting the pain and the struggle at the point of impact to dig deeper and give people the ability to learn more about God through our partner ministries.

We all know someone who desperately needs to have an encounter with God.  GodSpeaks is a vehicle to help make that happen, to open up conversation at the right time in a real and personal way.  But, this is just the beginning.  We believe God’s Word has the power to comfort the distressed, persuade the agnostic, challenge the disinterested, bring home those who have walked away.

We believe GodSpeaks works.  Our first campaign in 2000 invited millions of people to consider God.  What will be accomplished with this movement will be unfathomable.  God has brought together the team, the board, and the ministry partners for the purpose of shaping and directing this movement.  But, we need friends like you to stand with us, committed friends who will pray, who will give, who will help us get the messages out.

This work cannot be accomplished alone.  Join us in launching this great movement of God.  Together we will plant the seeds that open hearts to the Good News.  Together we will lift up the name of God, reach people with his love, and help turn hearts toward the truth.  Participate with us and watch as God speaks to a lost world and a troubled culture that he longs to bring to himself.

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