Living A Life Of Love

Living A Life Of Love

I love you more than you can possibly know. My desire for you is that you will share that love with others. I want more than anything for you to model that love to others and show them what my love looks like.

My followers have always been known for their love. For some reason, that concept has been lost in recent decades. I’m calling on you today to love, love, love — no matter how you feel or if you’ve been wronged or even feel I’ve been wronged.

Always respond to every person and situation with love, kindness, and gentleness!

Imagine being mentally and physically down, and someone coming along side you and reminding you how important you are and how much you are loved. That is what I do for you on a daily basis. As you go about your day today, I want you to share that kindness and love with someone you know.

When you do this, you are living like I called you to live. Will it be hard? Yes. Living a life of love is hard given the human condition. But it can be done. My call and challenge to you is to live a life of love and kindness. I will help you do it. Simply call on me and ask for my help. Ask me to lead your life and help you to love like I love.

When you do this, I will be with you. I will help you. Learning to love takes time. Learning to love people you dislike takes a lot of time and energy.

A Challenge For You…

Stop for 5 minutes today and think about someone you know who needs to be loved and appreciated. Make it a point to connect with that person each day this week and remind them that you care about it and you will be with them no matter what.

One of the ways you can show people your love is to help them. Watch this video on serving people. Then ask God to open your eyes to people in your life who you need to be showing love.

Let’s Talk About It

Do you want to know more about how to talk with God? We have friends ready on live chat lines to explain prayer or meditation to you. Connect with people who want to talk with you right now.

Let’s Chat About God Let’s Chat About Prayer


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