Love your neighbor. Don’t shoot. – God

Hate is not an option. Love is.

Love your neighbor. Don’t shoot. – God

There is no other request I give you that is greater than the challenge to love those you hate, serve those who disrespect you, and honor people who don’t deserve your honor.

I tell those who follow me that the greatest people on earth and in eternity are those who humble themselves and serve others.

The law of the streets stands in complete contrast to what I call you to do in life.

Much to my dismay, the law of the streets has taken hold in Chicago. It causes me a great deal of hurt and pain. I see people dying who don’t need to die. I see people killing who should not be killing. I see people leading others to kill, and I ask why? The greatest leaders in history are those who do not retaliate for every wrong done to them or their people.

It takes the greatest of leaders who can talk about peace and lead others to peace.

Where are gang leaders who can turn the other cheek, who can make peace, and who can lead Chicago out of the violence that is stealing so many young lives?

Whatever is causing violence, or whatever is pushing you to shoot and kill others, is not how I’ve called you to live your life. I have called you to love your neighbors – even the ones who have caused you pain, disrespected you, or have even hurt you or your family in any way.

I ask you to do this because it is right. I ask you to do this because it is what I’ve called you to do. Chicago needs leaders who can bring peace, who can lead the poor out of poverty, and who can speak to what is right and wrong.

Stop the shootings in Chicago. Find a way to love your neighbors. Find a way to be the greatest on earth and in eternity.

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth:

1 – In Matthew 5:39, Jesus tells his followers to turn the other cheek when someone does them wrong. Why would he tell them this?

2 – Is revenge something we can achieve and feel good about? See what the Bible says about revenge in Romans 12:19.

3 – Do you have questions about violence or peace? Talk with our friends at or call 888-NEED-HIM.

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