Love People

Be Compassionate to others

Love People

And the Lord spoke his word to Zechariah again, saying, “This is what the Lord All-Powerful says: ‘Do what is right and true. Be kind and merciful to each other. Don’t hurt widows and orphans, foreigners or the poor; don’t even think of doing evil to somebody else.’” — Zechariah 7:8-10 (NCV).

Sometimes it hurts me to see how people act toward one another in modern times. I see more anger, venom and hateful attitudes expressed than ever before. Maybe it’s the influence of the Internet, where you can post anonymous comments and don’t feel any personal restraint on your actions. Maybe it’s because you have gotten the misguided idea that the way to be popular is to make fun of others and ridicule them.

Five hundred years before Jesus was born, I told Zechariah that I wanted people to be kind and loving to each other. To treat widows, orphans and people from other countries with care and respect. I still feel that way. Just because lots of people want to be cruel and show no caring for the welfare of others doesn’t mean that it’s right. I want you to be an example of a better way.

Today you have a choice. You can think about yourself and all the things you can do to become popular, line your pockets, or enjoy fame. Or you can think about ways of showing love for someone who needs help. I guarantee you if you choose the latter, you will lay your head on the pillow tonight feeling much better.

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  • Watch this video on love.  What did you think about what these children shared? How can their thoughts affect your actions?
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