Mending Broken Hearts

Mending Broken Hearts

It is impossible to go through life without being hurt. Promises are broken and trust is shattered. The circumstances of life shape our hearts, but they also break them. It is in the times we feel most broken that we cry out to God. It is in these moments that we look for the support we so desperately need. We continually try to find things to fill our hearts, but the love of God can never be taken from us. Instead of pursuing earthly offerings to fill the hole left inside our hearts, we need to pursue the God who fills us.

When we find ourselves looking for an escape from our pain, we have to know the answer isn’t with anything that the world can offer us. Drowning sorrows with alcohol leaves us empty, jumping into relationships we know we shouldn’t leaves us unsatisfied, and turning away from the people we love leaves us lonely. But God promises to fix us and fill us. He will fix us by replacing old memories with new ones, and He will fill us with new things to love. He will give us new pieces to replace the crushed ones and the patience to rebuild all that’s been broken.

A Challenge For You

God has a history of mending broken hearts.  God wants to put the pieces back together, He wants to repair the damage, and He wants to help you find happiness again. And that starts with finding happiness with Him.  Jot down a list of the things you love. Mark them in order of what you put first in your life. Does God make the top of your list? Do you spend time with Him? Do you seek advice on how to restore your heart or to heal the things that scar you? Read Romans 5:3-5. Consider the heartbreak as a time to grow closer to God. Pray for His guidance, and seek His comfort. He is waiting to fix whatever you need repaired.

Talk About It

If you would like to talk about this topic or talk with someone about your broken heart and God’s love, we have some friends available to talk with you today.

Talk About Your Life  Get to Know God

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  • Soumya Ann
    Posted at 10:58h, 04 April Reply

    This was truly a blessed piece of writing that I needed!❤Feeling soo much better and safer under my Jesus’s wings now! Thanks for this post!! 😊

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