The Music of the Message

The Music of the Message


Lydia Nichols

The message “I love you. – God” struck a chord with Lydia Nichols so much that she decided to make them her own chords, composing a melody to share the message through the music of her cello.

She Heard the Music of the Message

“These words seem to be so firmly rooted in the whole movement,” she explained. “When you hear the song you can chant, ‘I love you.’ It goes in time with the piece.”

This is the message GodSpeaks shares, that God loves each and every one of us. The exquisite cello plays with an angelic harmony, ushering in a feeling of peace, which Lydia feels is one of the accomplishments of GodSpeaks.

“I love how this movement has brought people out of the depths of despair and given them hope.” – Lydia Nichols, musician

Lydia’s inspiring song is a beautiful and moving interpretation of the peace God offers and the love God gives.



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