You Are Never Alone – God

God is always with you no matter what

You Are Never Alone – God

The more technology seemingly brings the world together, the lonelier it becomes. You find yourself with hundreds or even thousands of social media contacts, but not that many close friends. Ever wonder if that emoticon is really expressing much affection or caring? It’s as if the more advanced the world becomes, the more fragile and precarious it grows. Smart phones can transmit a ton of information, but I haven’t seen one hug another person.

Remember, I am always there.

People still need My guidance. I created Adam, but by himself he felt alone and incomplete. Even after naming all the animals, he wasn’t that happy. He needed someone to talk with, to love, to share ideas with, and to grow old with. And together, Adam and Eve needed Me. I walked in the Garden of Eden with them and talked with them. Life was perfect. They got messed up along the way, but something has never changed: the need for people to talk with each other—and Me.

Why not give Me a try?

Prayer isn’t that difficult. But too many people get so wrapped up in the rush of day-to-day living they can’t slow down long enough to talk to Me. For that matter, they don’t talk to that many people (a text message doesn’t count as heart-felt conversation). If you would slow down long enough to tell Me what’s bothering you or ask Me to help you decide which job to take, class to sign up for, or person to date, you might find that I have some ideas. You aren’t as alone as you may think.

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

1 – Read Genesis 2:18-25

2 – Why do you think men and women are so different? Is that good or bad? How does your spouse or friend fulfill a longing in your heart? How does that make you feel?

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