Nothing I have created is as beautiful as you

Nothing I have created is as beautiful as you


You are precious in my sight . . . you are honored and I love you. Isaiah 43:4

We live in the most beautiful painting ever created, surrounded by roaring oceans and vast mountains, starlit skies and flowered fields. God is the most talented artist of all and has designed this masterpiece, but of all the things He’s sculpted, you are His favorite. God has created you exactly the way He wants you to be, and loves you just the way you are.

In today’s world, media and celebrities have us striving to become people we were never created to be. The world tells us we must live to a specific standard and look a certain way if we want to have success or be loved. And unfortunately, we’ve become so taken in by this lie that we forget true beauty comes from God.

God has created us in His image and gives us all we need to live. Look around you: He’s created chirping birds and flowering trees, passing clouds and a shining sun. Look within you: He’s given you a mind that learns and a heart that loves.

It is easy to become discouraged by focusing on the features we don’t have, but thankfully we don’t serve the world. We serve the One who made it—the One who made us. The God who created galaxies and rainforests. Oceans and clouds. Molecules and mountains. And you.

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God loves you just the way you are. Nothing He as created is as beautiful as you.  Let’s talk about this right now on live chat.

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