Is Jesus Really God’s Son?

Who Is Jesus?

If you ask the question, “Who is Jesus?” to a dozen people, you most likely will get twenty different answers!

Answers like:

“He’s the greatest man who ever lived.”

“He was a prophet.”

“He was a great teacher.”

“Jesus? I’m not sure; I think he was a wise man, but…who can really say?” “He was the Son of God.”

“Personally, I don’t think he ever existed.” “A philosopher.”

“A poet…”

“The Savior of the world.”

“A simple man.” “A complex man.”

Different people, different answers.  Does that mean we can never really know who Jesus is?  Does every person need to decide individually?

Yes and no. Every individual will be faced with the same decision the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate faced when he asked, “What shall I do with Jesus, the one called the Christ?” (Matthew 27:22, GW). Whatever conclusions we arrive at as individuals, it would be nice to know whether our conclusions are supported by the facts, right?

You now have the opportunity to dig deeper into the question, “Is Jesus the Son of God?” by going through the questions below. And like Pilate, you just might find yourself asking, “what shall I do with Jesus, the one called the Christ?”

Questions You Might Have

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Question: Why did Jesus Have to be Born and Die?

Question: What if I Don’t Want Someone to Die for Me?

Question: Can I Really Believe That Jesus Rose From the Dead?

Question: Isn’t it Narrow Minded to Believe That Jesus is the Only Way?

Question: Do I Need to Stop Sinning Before Coming to Jesus?

Question: Is Jesus Really Coming Back?

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