Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect


Each newsletter will highlight a thought or comment that someone has sent to us in response to seeing a GodSpeaks message. Let us know how the messages have spoken to you and we’ll try to pass it on here.

“The line, ‘You Matter. –God’ really spoke to me. There are times when I feel like what I do and say do not matter. Whether I am there to cook breakfast, get the kids ready, do my job, get dinner ready or get everyone in bed…it can feel like it would make no difference if I were there or not. This changed that for me. It is a comforting two-word sentence that continually reminds me, I DO MATTER! I matter to God and that is all that matters to me…the rest will all fall into place. My name is written in His palms and therefore, I am important. When I remember that, everything else just fits together so much better.” –Ashley K. (Conroe, Texas)

“I love to know that ‘nothing He as created is as beautiful as me.’ This speaks to me on so many levels, not feeling super confident in who God has created me to be, to know that He thinks I am one His most beautiful creations is empowering. To realize that the God of all creation thinks I am beautiful, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.” –Sarah R. (Springfield, Massachusetts)

“The message ‘Forgive each other. –God’ had me praying for my husband and his sister. I asked and begged God to stop letting them waste years of their life holding on to anger. And I felt relieved as I prayed, knowing that all things are possible through Him.” –Judy Rule, Summerville, SC.

Facebook fans respond to the message,
“What do you thank me for? – God”

“Thank you Lord for teaching me to love all people like you.” –Elder Campbell (Maryland, United States)

“After being away from my family for two and a half years, I’m very thankful to be with them all again.” –Natalia Priest (Portugal)

“For the brave men and women who have fought for our liberties!” –Lori Edwards (Wisconsin)

“My new walk with Him and all His ways of absolute amazement.” –Autumn Wiggins (South Dakota)

“My family.” – Sandy Rigali (Massachusetts)

“I thank you for your mercy.” –Luz Gaviria (Columbia)

“I am most thankful He has not abandoned me.” –Kit Sober (Nevada)

“I am thankful that God has gave me so many opportunities for my dream and brought me closer to Him and my friends.” – Saoirse Riggs (Dublin, Ireland)

Posted on October 2, 2013 by GodSpeaks

When I read the message, “nothing I have created is as beautiful as you,” it really spoke to me. I am forever grateful that God has created me in His image. Every fiber of my hair, every molecule in my body, and any other attribute I have is considered “beautiful” in God’s eyes. And THAT is what gives me confidence to live my life with purpose.
–Jim H. (Holyoke, MA)

“Be Thankful, Be Kind, Be loving” was a great reminder that as followers of Jesus we are to be His heart, hands and feet here on this earth. Random acts of kindness done in His name plant Kingdom seeds where the Love of Jesus may have never been encountered before. Oh that we would be open to the leading of His Holy Spirit.
-Barbara R. (Florence, KY)

God invites us to learn more about Him and provides a way for us to know what He has done for us. Join us as we explore truths from the Bible.

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    SEE U @ YGyg share the good news of Jesus our LORD, love GOD love one another. Be a blessed

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