Stop the Killing in Chicago

Stop the Killing - God

Stop the Killing in Chicago

I Have a Plan for Your Life!

If you are in a gang, I know you have gotten caught up in a group of people who befriended you, who have served as father figures and mentors, and who have helped you along the way. But these people have asked you to kill, murder, and steal things that aren’t yours.  

They are not your friends! They are not your family! They are not all you have in this life!

You are better. You have more to give. I know it. Your mother and grandmother know it. Everyone you know knows it. That’s why they fear you. That’s why they have pulled you close.

But killing and crime isn’t you! I created you for more. I made you for a purpose and for a time – and this is the time!

I have bigger plans for you than prison!

I recently sent people to your door to let you know there is more to life than what you are doing. I sent people into your life to let you know there is forgiveness – no matter what you’ve done! I want you to know there is hope on the other side of where you are right now.

You have a life of purpose and meaning ahead of you. You have a life where your children will know you and call you father. You are my child, and I have a purpose for you. But you have to accept that life. Call the number you were given. Accept help. Accept the offer and choose a new life.

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