The Gift of Peace

The Christmas story is unbelievable.

The Gift of Peace

“I leave you peace; my peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world does. So don’t let your hearts be troubled or afraid. – John 14:27 (NCV)  

It’s one of those old sayings from Author Unknown: “Let’s approach Christmas with an expectant hush, rather than a last-minute rush.”

How sad that during the season of celebrating My Son’s birth you can be so overcome with everything you have to do that peace seems like the impossible dream.

If you’re not stressed out over shopping and parties, maybe you’re upset about the condition of the world. Peace doesn’t seem possible with all the wars, conflict, fear and suspicion that are raging. But chances are that you won’t be directly involved in many of the headlines that capture so much attention. You should be more concerned with working for peace wherever you live.

The question is: what would bring you peace? Do you have a long-standing conflict with a family member or friend who spoke carelessly to you, or offended you, or ignored your birthday? Do you have an enemy who could become a friend if you reached out to them with a kind word? Are you fearful of another race or ethnicity but have talked with someone from that group?

My Son gave peace to his followers, but each generation must grab ahold of this promise and bring it to others. That doesn’t demand perfection, just a willingness to try. Achieve peace with just one person you’re at odds with, and it will be the best gift you could hope to receive during December— the gift of peace.

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

  • Jesus spoke these words of peace behind locked doors because his followers were afraid of the Jewish elders. And if the elders didn’t come, Roman soldiers might. Do you think it’s possible to find peace no matter what is going on around you? Why?
  • How could knowing the peace Jesus gives help you be willing to reach out to someone else?
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