Through Triumphs and Tragedy

Through Triumphs and Tragedy

Through Triumphs and Tragedy

You are now very sad. But later I will see you, and you will be so happy that no one will be able to change the way you feel. – John 16:22 (CEV)

Grief comes in many forms. Losing a child or spouse, a twin sister or your only brother, your best friend…  you hardly want to imagine it. Yet everyone will experience it at some point in their lives.

How can you cope without someone or some situation that has been such a key part of your life? John 16:22 appears near the end of a long talk between Jesus and his disciples. They were full of grief. The most incredible man they had ever known was leaving the earth. They had no clue where he was headed. They just knew they would desperately miss him. They were discovering how life is full of surprises.  That’s when Jesus promises to turn their sadness into joy.

Life contains both highs and lows. Live long enough and you are sure to experience tragedy and loss. You will see there are many forces affecting your life that lie beyond your power to control. This is where you can find reassurance in my promise of future joy.

Make no mistake about it: I understand your pain, bewilderment, confusion, and dismay. I can see the same questions in your eyes that Jesus saw in his disciples: How? Why? When? How are we going to make it through this. . . ?

You may be asking these or similar questions. You may need to take time away from everything and everyone you know to rest and grieve. Grief is a natural part of life. Working your way through it won’t come quickly. But you must try…

As you move forward, plan to take time each day to spend with me. Developing your relationship with me will lead you toward that day of rejoicing. Together we will make it through this to the time when Jesus promised that “no one will take away your joy.”

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth:

1 — Are you bogged down with grief? Make a list of the five people who have meant the most to you during your life. Talk with each of them this week. Tell them how they have been such a blessing. You may find this helps lift your spirits as well.

2 — Read Why is Their Evil and Suffering?

3 — Need someone to talk to about the grief you are experiencing? We have friends ready to chat with you or call 888-NEED-HIM

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