You Don’t Have To Be Afraid

You Don’t Have To Be Afraid

God Is With You

Worries change our mindsets and circumstances shape our hearts, and as we get older, different types of fears fill our minds and take over our imaginations, torturing us with scary scenarios of what may come. But God is here to help you fight through all of it. He is here to help you face your fears.

Fear is the reason we end up alone, stay at dead end jobs, invest in people who continue to treat us poorly, and remain in relationships that we know are not healthy. Fear is the reason we remain dissatisfied beings in a world where God-given opportunities surround us.

In order to experience the good things God has to offer us, we must first give Him control. When we release the things we cannot handle and give our fears over to God, He provides us with peace. This comes from trusting God, asking for His help, and believing that He cares. Life is scary and fears arise, but God promises that when we rely on Him, we have no reason to be afraid. We know that we can face whatever life throws at us. When we place our trust in God and give our concerns to Him, we can no longer let fear reign over us. There are no reasons to hold back, there are no excuses to keep us from pursuing the things we want to accomplish or becoming the people we want to be.


As believers, fear should not have power over us because we have the power of Christ in us. What are you afraid of? What haunts your thoughts or attacks your confidence? What are you wrestling with? Have you tried giving it over to God? Read 1 Peter 5:7 and accept God’s offer to take your anxiety. He cares for you and He wants to give you the peace you need to live life without fear or hesitation. If God is for us, then how could anything or anyone stand against us?

Let’s Talk About It

You don’t have to be afraid about anything.  Let’s talk about that and your relationship with God.

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