You weren’t created to do life on your own

You weren’t created to do life on your own

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.
Psalm 107:9 (NLV)

Life is the greatest gift God has given us, but it rarely goes the exact way we’ve planned. Disappointments litter our paths, failures test our faith, sorrows scar our hearts. But with each hardship, God reminds us that we are not made to tackle life alone. He is there, providing strength for weakness. He is there, offering guidance and hope. God has designed us as individuals who long for relationships, with others and with Him. He has created our hearts to love and our lives to be shared, and He tells us in Scripture that He will fill our hungry souls with good things. We weren’t created to do life on our own; we were created to do life with God.

At the start of this world, God designed us for companionship, based on the premise that it is better to enjoy life together. He created our hearts to love and our lives to be shared.

In His perfect plan, God created us with a void that some spend their entire lives trying to fill. Until we realize that the only One who will satisfy this void is God, we will always be searching. God wants us to enjoy all the things He has given us. He wants us to be thankful for them and more importantly, to be thankful to Him. We realize in our gratitude that He is the One who gives and takes; He is the One who provides blessings, and He is the One we should rely on and look to for guidance.

He tells us in Scripture that He will fill our hungry souls with good things. When we feel an emptiness or a longing for understanding, we should rely on the One who can satisfy. We need to remember that just as much as we need God, He wants us.

So why do we fight it? Why do we wake up each morning and attempt to live our lives the way we want? Why do we make decisions without seeking counsel from God? Why we do act like independence is so important to us, fighting for the control when we know ultimately who has the final say?


Stop doing life on your own. Dig into God’s word and seek His company. Lay down your pride and trade in your independent habits to stay dependent on the One who has been there since the beginning and will be there until the end. Pick one decision you’ve been facing, whether it be big or small, and talk it over with God. Ask Him to show you the way you should go and help you to make the right choice. Pray diligently over it until you have a peace with your answer. Don’t create your own outcome, let God sew the choices together and you will reap the reward for your faith.

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You weren’t created to do life alone.  God wants to do life with you.  Let’s live chat about this right now.

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