Finding Fulfillment

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Finding Fulfillment

I said to myself, “Let’s go for it—experiment with pleasure, have a good time!” But there was nothing to it, nothing but smoke. – Ecclesiastes 2:1-2 (MSG)

Ever feel the way Solomon, the writer of Ecclesiastes, did when he wrote the words in the verse above? Has there been a time in your life when your attempt at having a good time left you feeling empty? The party was a letdown. The friends you went out with were preoccupied. Your date was a disaster. The movie a flop, the meal disappointing, the drinking left you wrung out and the fun ended up being futile.

Maybe you are feeling that way right now?

Pleasure doesn’t last, and spending your life seeking pleasure will only lead you from one empty thing to the next. It’s like chasing after smoke.

Joy and true life satisfaction can’t be attained apart from My Presence. You’ll miss out on My Presence if you’re headed in the opposite direction of where I’m leading you. If you want direction and purpose in your life you have to stop following the wrong things. You won’t find it in movies, or music, or fashion, or drinking, or dating—you’ll find it when you follow me.…

Finding Fulfillment

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