Faith and Trust

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Faith and Trust

But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired. – Isaiah 40:31 CEV

Trust.  It’s hard to remain connected in a relationship without it.  And without trust faith is impossible.  Trust is not just hoping someone will do what they’ve promised, it’s the assurance that they will.  You trust your parents to pick you up from school.  You trust your friends to meet you at the mall.  You trust your spouse to be honest with you.  You trust your children to come home on time.  You trust your employer to pay you on payday. You trust that other drivers will obey the rules of the road.

And if all of your life you rely on the trust you have and others, whether spouses, friends parents, children, acquaintances, even strangers.  But do you trust me? Do you trust the promises I have made?

See, faith and trust go hand in hand.  When you say, you have faith in me it also means that you are willing to trust me.  Faith and trust are like two halves of the same brick.  They build each other up. …

Faith and Trust

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